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Building tomorrow’s bank: future-proofed, sustainable, digital front to back

During the pandemic customer demand for digital services skyrocketed and many banks excelled in quickly creating highly user-friendly and seamless digital front-ends to meet these expectations and remain competitive. However, they still relied on a myriad of poorly connected back-end legacy systems and manual processing. The challenge now lies in creating a future proofed front-to-back digital bank which can flex to the changing needs of customers and the workforce.

Panellists confirmed

Paul Szumilewicz, HSBC

Paul Szumilewicz

Former Chief Customer & Operations Officer, C. Hoare & Co.

Shashank Khare, Lloyd's Banking Group

Shashank Khare

Head of Group Strategy, Lloyds Banking Group

Richard James | Speaker

Richard James

Ways of Working Enablement Leader, Nationwide

Keelan Singh - MoneyLIVE

Keelan Singh

EMEA Banking Industry Leader, UiPath

  • End-to-end digital excellence in banking – what does this look like for both the bank and the customer?
  • How has the disconnect between customer-facing digital transformation and underlying legacy systems and processes affected customers?
  • From quick-fix to long-term digital sustainability – how do banks move their transformation strategy on effectively post-pandemic?
  • From AI to chatbots – harnessing the new technologies available now to prepare for future market demands. Where do the best opportunities lie?
  • The importance of agility and flexibility when implementing and scaling new processes across the business.
  • Technology as an enabler – in what ways can AI and RPA Streamline and empower decision making for the banking workforce?
  • Enhancing not replacing – utilising intelligent automation to upskill employees and create space for future innovation.

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