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Future-proofing banking

Thriving in the face of economic, digital and environmental change

Banking is experiencing an increasing frequency of seismic shocks, from Covid-19, the energy crisis, and BigTech payments disruption to geopolitical risk and natural disasters.

Today’s competitive advantage and business plans may potentially be irrelevant tomorrow. Banks must be first movers, nimble followers or, otherwise, the walking dead.

This webinar explores the macro trends that will shape the future of banking, and how organisations can successfully adopt a “composable banking” approach to stay ahead of the curve.

Hear from our expert panel:

Conrad Ford, Chief Product & Strategy Officer, Allica Bank

Himanshu Jha, Former Co-Chief Data Officer, Barclays & Former CIO-Cloud, TSB Bank

Geert Pick, Director of Sales, UK & Ireland, Sopra Banking Software

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