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Fighting fraud in the shifting payments ecosystem




The last year has seen seismic shifts in customer payment behaviour and drastic increases in fraud cases. With new payments architectures on the horizon, instant payments becoming the norm and contactless payments skyrocketing, the fraud landscape has never been so fast-changing. This webinar will bring together senior leaders working in financial services to shed light on the drivers behind these changes, and how analytics and new strategies can help to stem the tide of the fraud epidemic.

  • Where have we seen the greatest shifts in customer payment behaviour to date?
  • EPI, NPA, and P27: what changes will they bring and what are the implications for fraud?
  • Instant payments, digital wallets, P2P payments: how must fraud protection respond?
  • Shifting towards real-time fraud prevention: how can banks make the leap?
  • Leveraging customer analytics to detect anomalous behaviour: understanding the opportunities and challenges
  • Ensuring customer understanding and trust: where is further education required?
  • Digging into bank’s liability and responsibility: what are the key considerations?

Hear from our expert panel:

Niels Halse, Head of Fraud Prevention & Analytics, Danske Bank

Adam Speakman, Head of Fraud & Investigations, Metro Bank (UK)

Philip Bonhard, Head of Experience Design Lead, Homes & Mortgages, Lloyds Banking Group

Sean Neary, Head of Risk Management Services, Nexi / Nets

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