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Leading with empathy to overcome global disruption in banking

In this discussion, find out how to lead with empathy to overcome global disruption in banking.

The panel discusses:

  • Understanding the major impacts of global interruption on various stakeholders in banking: who’s most affected, and why?
  • Keeping empathy and compassion at the forefront of decision making: how can this be achieved across the business?
  • How can banks best support customers during times of crisis?
  • Communication is king: how can communication be optimised externally and internally?
  • Supporting the workforce in times of change: how can organisations ensure that they are giving employees the right technical and psychological support?
  • How can employee engagement be kept at a consistently high level to maintain a productive environment and drive innovation forward?
  • Let’s talk about trust: how can banks build, maintain and strengthen levels of trust during this turbulent time?

Hear from our expert panel:

Firoz Noordeen, Venture Lead, NatWest Rapid Cash, NatWest Bank

Yvan Goupil, Head of Customer and Marketing Insight, Virgin Money

Ian Dembinski, Head of Client Development, Rathbone Brothers

Marie Hannigan, Senior Regional Vice President, Salesforce

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