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A three-part webinar series

Embracing the embedded finance boom

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How to navigate the new world of embedded finance

  • Case studies from Railsbank and Qover, digital challengers in banking and insurance
  • Reflections on what embedded finance means for incumbent players
  • Tools for staying ahead of the competition in a fast-changing landscape

Adding value in an era of embedded finance

  • Lessons from NatWest on working at the cutting edge of Open Banking
  • The innovations needed to ensure financial services companies remain relevant to customers
  • How to navigate a fragmented and fast-moving marketplace from Generali’s Chief Information Officer

Embedded finance and the API economy: thriving in a new reality

  • Hear from the leader of Deutsche Bank’s API programme
  • Get practical ideas from CoverGenius on turning the magic of embedded into reality
  • Discover how to unlock the power of new technologies and capabilities

The evolution of embedded finance: towards AI-driven product selection

Hear from our expert panel:

Louisa Murray, SVP, Global Head of Key Accounts and Partners, Railsr

Daniel Globerson, Head of Bank of API’s, NatWest

Joris Hensen, Founder and Co-Lead, Deutsche Bank API Program, Deutsche Bank

Jean-Charles Velge, Co-Founder, Qover

Graeme Dean, VP, Global Insurance Solutions, Cover Genius

Petter Lee-Johannessen, Senior Vice President, Head of Strategic Partnerships, DNB

Yanna Winter, Chief Information Officer, Generali

Evangelos Avramakis, Head of Digital Ecosystems R&D, Swiss Re

Louisa Karlander, Financial Services Industry advisor, Salesforce

Ryan Joyce, Head of FinTech UK&I, Salesforce

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