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Embedded lending and customer experience

Delivering profitable growth through next level digital engagement

45% of loans will be taken out in a non-financial context within just five years.

This webinar brings together a panel of leaders from across the lending and consumer finance industry to discuss how best to prepare.

Discussion: Triumphing in embedded lending – defining your CX strategy

  • From BNPL to SME microloans: where will embedded finance bring the greatest growth prospects?
  • How can lenders identify the partners and partnership models that are right for them?
  • What criteria will potential partners apply when choosing lenders to sell via their platforms?
  • What channel capabilities will potential partners and customers consider essential?
  • What steps can lenders take to reduce friction and abandonment rates across the customer journey?
  • What new forms of personalisation will customers expect across the customer journey, and how do data strategies need to adapt to meet them?
  • From behavioural biometrics to real time risk analytics: how can innovations be leveraged to ensure security and compliance in a low-friction lending environment?
  • Lending responsibly: how can customer understanding be enhanced, and potential regulator concerns about embedded finance be mitigated?

Hear from our expert panel:

Louisa Murray, SVP, Global Head of Key Accounts and Partners, Railsr

Conrad Ford, Chief Product & Strategy Officer, Allica Bank

Karen Oakland, VP Financial Services Marketing, Smart Communications

Dan McLoughlin, Field Chief Technology Officer EMEA & APAC, OneSpan

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