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Direct, digital, embedded: digital banking strategies for today and tomorrow

From modernizing existing customer journeys, to developing a ‘direct’ bank offering: identifying a winning digital strategy

In today’s world of digital challenger banks and BigTech-fuelled customer expectations, it has never been more important for incumbents to raise their game when it comes to digital offerings. The question is, is journey modernization enough, or is it more effective to deploy a ‘direct’ banking approach? And how does embedded finance come into play as digital channels continue to evolve?

This webinar will explore how today’s heightened expectations are impacting the benchmark for banking offerings, and how banks can choose the right strategies to effectively compete in today’s evolving digital ecosystem.



Discussion points

  • Facing up to BigTech: what must banks offer to compete effectively?
  • Understanding the millennial and gen Z banking customer: what do customers expect from the banking journey?
  • Being where the customer is: how can banks identify the right channels in today’s landscape?
  • Embedding into popular digital channels: what are commercial opportunities and potential pitfalls?
  • Upgrading existing user journeys: where should banks concentrate their efforts?
  • Achieving multichannel and optichannel success: how can banks make the leap?
  • Anticipating digitalization hurdles: orchestrating the journey between online, mobile and branch
  • A spotlight on ‘direct’ banking strategies: from driving at-scale customer acquisition to ensuring cohesion with existing infrastructure, what are the benefits to incumbents?
  • Facilitating an impactful ‘direct’ bank launch with scalable infrastructure: identifying the keys to ‘direct’ banking success

Watch to gain insight on:

  • Meeting heightened expectations for digital banking: what do today’s consumers expect?
  • Modernizing the user experience: evaluating the options for digital within existing channels and journeys
  • From mobile to embedded FS: leveraging new digital channels to engage tomorrow’s customers
  • Designing a ‘direct’ bank: to what extent is this the winning option when competing with digital giants?

Hear from our expert panel:

Arijit Roy, EVP, Head of Consumer Segment and Solutions, US Bank

Pat Saad, Senior Vice President, Consumer Digital, Fifth Third Bank

Hashim Toussaint, SVP, General Manager – Digital Solutions, FIS

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