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Digital banking Gen4: customers in control

John Somerville, Head of Financial Services, The London Institute of Banking and Finance

Helene Panzarino, Director, Centre for Digital Banking and Finance, The London Institute of Banking and Finance


Hear from London Institute of Banking and Finance on the most striking shifts in digital banking today. Discover how banks can truly embrace consumer duty, and how can financial advice best serve the customer of today.

Andrew Pollard, Account Executive, SAS  Gregory Burr, Solution Specialist, SAS

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The London Institute of Banking & Finance

About The London Institute of Banking and Finance

The London Institute of Banking & Finance (LIBF) is a registered charity incorporated by Royal Charter and a professional body with degree awarding powers.

Founded in 1879 as the Institute of Bankers, we have evolved to offer globally recognised executive training and professional qualifications to support the banking and finance sector around the world.

We’re an awarding body for finance sector qualifications including in regulated advice, and the home of CeMAP.

Our focus is on lifelong learning; equipping individuals with the knowledge, skills, and qualifications to achieve what they want throughout their career and life.

Our qualifications are relevant for a range of roles regardless of experience and allow individuals to tailor their learning, so they have the building blocks and professional skills to progress with pace.

We provide a balance of experience, insight and thought leadership for today’s financial world, delivered by industry leaders, thinkers, and members of our community.

We are The London Institute of Banking & Finance, lifelong partners for financial education.

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