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Delivering excellence for vulnerable customers in banking and insurance

The needs of the vulnerable form an essential consideration in any CX strategy

The pandemic has ushered in new complexities in identifying and serving this evolving customer base, particularly when designing new products or optimising communication channels.
From exploring the impact on product and service design, to considering the human touch in digital communication and utilising AI in the identification process, this discussion will provide you with the tools needed to supercharge your vulnerable customer strategy and provide a seamless experience for all.

  • Understanding and recognising vulnerability: what are the drivers of vulnerability today, and how are customers impacted throughout different stages of their lives?
  • Championing respect, fair treatment and inclusion for vulnerable customers: embedding this thinking into organisational cultures
  • A spotlight on product and service design: how can brands launch new products and support vulnerable customers with both speed and care?
  • Digital-only communications: what are the benefits and the barriers for vulnerable customers?
  • Tailoring communication channels to customers’ needs: how can this be achieved and rolled out at scale?
  • Human, digital, hybrid: how important is the human touch for the vulnerable? How might chatbots be successfully applied here?
  • Exploring AI and ML: how can banks and insurers identify vulnerable customers more quickly and offer a more personalised response?
  • Pricing and payments structures: ensuring clear and transparent communication
  • How can regulators, firms and consumer bodies work together to improve the treatment of vulnerable customers in years to come?

Hear from our expert panel:

Laura Tough, Head of Member Vulnerability, Access & Inclusion, Nationwide Building Society

Marcelino Castrillo, Managing Director, Customer Engagement & Distribution , NatWest

Melissa Collett, Professional Standards Director, Chartered Insurance Institute

Marc Andrews, Vice President, Financial Services and Insurance Industry Market Leader, Pegasystems

Neil Greathead, Chief Customer Officer, Smart Communications

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Pegasystems, CX Excellence For The Vulnerable

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