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Keeping customer experience at the heart of fraud and financial crime strategies

Financial crime is on the rise. As perpetrators become increasingly skilled and varied in their approaches, those banks that can optimise the returns from AI-driven customer analytics, stand the greatest chance of staying one step ahead while protecting the customer experience. Hear how Nordea Bank, Lloyds Banking Group, OakNorth Bank and NICE Actimize are working harder than ever before to stop financial criminals in their tracks, all while maintaining a seamless customer experience.


Vesa Suvila, Nordea | MoneyLIVE

Vesa Suvila

Global Fraud Expert, Cards, Nordea

Phil Coole, OakNorth | MoneyLIVE

Phil Coole

MLRO Director, OakNorth Bank

David Wright, Lloyds Banking Group | MoneyLIVE

David Wright

Senior Manager – Strategy, Group Economic Crime Prevention, Risk Division, Lloyds Banking Group

Adam McLaughlin, NICE Actimize | MoneyLIVE

Adam McLaughlin

Global Head of AML Strategy and Subject Matter Expert, NICE Actimize

  • Customer experience: how can risk and compliance teams strike the right balance between managing customer risk and reducing customer friction?
  • From digital footprints to consumer behaviours: exploring the potential of new data sources and how far customers are willing to sacrifice privacy in favour of protection
  • Always on AI: leveraging the potential for constant data collection, analysis and monitoring
  • How are advances in AI reducing false positives in the detection of unusual customer behaviour?
  • FRAML: the benefits of a shared, collaborative approach between fraud and AML
  • Evaluating the fraud liability shift and overcoming customer negligence: what’s the endgame for banks?
  • The future of the front line: how will banks counter ever-evolving financial crime threats?