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Beyond Open Banking: preparing for the next phase of innovation

Towards open finance and innovation

Open Banking has created new opportunities for third-party innovation and collaboration across the industry. But as the industry moves towards the next phase of Open Banking – including new business models, products and value-added services – success will be dictated by the strength of the partnerships that they foster.

This webinar discusses how the industry can continue to thrive and foster collaboration in an open landscape.



Joris Hensen, Deutsche Bank

Joris Hensen

Founder and Co-Lead, Deutsche Bank API Program, Deutsche Bank

Jose Luis Navarro Llorens - MoneyLIVE

José Luis Navarro Llorens

Head of Strategy Open Banking, BBVA

Knut Peder Abrahamsen, Head of Payment, Open Banking & Identity, DNB

Knut Peder Abrahamsen

Head of Payments & Open Banking, DNB

Conrad Ford

Conrad Ford

Chief Product and Strategy Officer, Allica Bank

Deirdre Byrne, Area Vice President, Slack

Deirdre Byrne

Area Vice President, Slack


  • Towards open finance: what progress has been made and where are we on the journey?
  • What new services and experiences could be created by cross-sector open APIs?
  • From API standardization to cross-sector data sharing: what are the biggest challenges?
  • From increased customer engagement to premium APIs: where do the commercial opportunities for banks lie in the open data ecosystem?
  • From marketplaces to banking as a platform: which models will be viable routes for incumbents?
  • What strategies will be key to fostering sustainable and fruitful partnerships?
  • Embracing open innovation: how can banks create a culture of innovation and collaboration?

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