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Beyond Open Banking: preparing for the next phase of innovation

Towards open finance and innovation

Open Banking has created new opportunities for third-party innovation and collaboration across the industry. But as the industry moves towards the next phase of Open Banking – including new business models, products and value-added services – success will be dictated by the strength of the partnerships that they foster.

This webinar discusses how the industry can continue to thrive and foster collaboration in an open landscape.


  • Towards open finance: what progress has been made and where are we on the journey?
  • What new services and experiences could be created by cross-sector open APIs?
  • From API standardization to cross-sector data sharing: what are the biggest challenges?
  • From increased customer engagement to premium APIs: where do the commercial opportunities for banks lie in the open data ecosystem?
  • From marketplaces to banking as a platform: which models will be viable routes for incumbents?
  • What strategies will be key to fostering sustainable and fruitful partnerships?
  • Embracing open innovation: how can banks create a culture of innovation and collaboration?

Hear from our expert panel:

Joris Hensen, Founder and Co-Lead, Deutsche Bank API Program, Deutsche Bank

José Luis Navarro Llorens, Head of Strategy Open Banking, BBVA

Knut Peder Abrahamsen, Head of Payments & Open Banking, DNB

Conrad Ford, Chief Product & Strategy Officer, Allica Bank

Deirdre Byrne, Area Vice President, Slack

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