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Banking in the generative AI era: taking concept to reality 

From chatbots and CX to RPA and employee empowerment: building the blueprint for generative AI readiness

The generative AI revolution has landed. The question is, what’s the opportunity for banks?

When and where are we going to see generative AI-powered transformation for financial services and crucially, how should banks plan their generative AI roadmap?



Discussion points

  • From prewriting customer inquiry responses, to distilling longer documents: where will generative AI have the biggest impact?
  • Intelligent CX: how can generative AI help deliver more personalised experiences at speed?
  • From hallucinations to transparency: anticipating potential pitfalls of generative AI?
  • Readying your systems and processes: what technological capabilities must banks have in place before integrating generative AI?
  • Enhancing automation: how can banks leverage generative AI alongside RPA to increase efficiency?
  • Generative AI and RPA for workforce empowerment: how do the key considerations differ between business functions and departments?
  • Championing fairness and avoiding bias: what are the risks of a generative AI-enabled workforce and how can they be overcome?
  • From data privacy to the EU Artificial Intelligence Act: how can banks ensure AI governance and compliance?
  • KYC, customer outcomes, Due Diligence: how can generative AI help banks adhere to various regulatory compliance demands?
  • Pitching predictions: In ten years’ time, what does the balance between human and digital look like in banking for both teams and customers?

Watch to gain insight on:


  • Identifying the most fruitful applications of generative AI in banking.
  • Laying the foundations: from systems to employee skillsets, what must banks prepare?
  • Navigating bias, governance and risk: understanding the limitations of generative AI in regulated industries.

Hear from our expert panel:

Luke Vilain, Generative AI Risk Assessment Lead, UBS

Tolani Jaiye-Tikolo, RPA Technical Lead, AIB

Mohamed Shawky, IT Director – Digital Workplace, Emirates NBD

Dr. Edward Challis, Head of AI Strategy, UiPath

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