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Achieving digital resilience in an unprecedented banking environment

In this discussion, our panelists uncover how banks must adapt to surges in digital demands and ensure business continuation throughout times of uncertainty. 

The panel discusses:

  • Digitalisation strategies for the next banking era: what needs to change, and how to thrive in the “new normal”
  • From BigTech entry and neo banks to digital-only interactions and cost-optimisation: what’s driving banks to transform their digital capabilities?
  • Becoming a truly agile business: building flexibility into your transformation strategy through the use of cloud
  • Uncovering the possibilities of cloud-based analytics: what are the benefits to banks and their customers?
  • Technology as an enabler: in what ways can AI and RPA be applied to make processes more efficient?
  • A spotlight on ‘everything as-a-service’: how can banks capitalise on this opportunity?
  • How can technology and more flexible architectures improve resilience and facilitate innovation for years to come?

Hear from our expert panel:

Tulika Maheshwari, Managing Director, HSBC Kinetic

Ravi Bhalla, Head of Group Design, Lloyds Banking Group

Sunil Dixit, Managing Director of New Digital Business, BBVA

Adrian Sturley, Head of International Growth Strategy, FIS Next Generation Banking

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